Dellon Tappin

Dellon Tappin is an influential artist gaining recognition worldwide for his musical talent. This Canada based Guyanese artist is on a quest to bring a deeper consciousness to all his listeners. Through his music, he communicates the wisdom he has gained through his experiences and his relationships. The former Canadian military man who hails from Cottage Mahaicony migrated from Guyana, at age 17, to join his family here in Canada. Having gained knowledge and experiences that have made him a better Human being, he believes that he has what it takes to inspire and motivate people musically and in the literary arts.

He has a rare gift with words and he uses them to reach his listener on a spiritual level. Through his lyrics, he paints pictures that nurture and build a maturity needed for change, for self-realization and for discovery of the true meaning of life. His music is to the listener, like a glass of water is to a thirsty person; in an ever-changing world, his music brings you back to the truth in all things. He says: “For those who view my music as more than just a beat, the words I choose in my songs, can change their way of thinking.” Such songs as, “Realization”, “Look Again”, “War” or even “Free Your Mind”, have the power to transform those who have an ear for his deep messages, which are laced with a Caribbean flavor.

He is blessed with an analytical mind that allows him to “see things from far”. Through his music, we are elevated with a higher level of understanding about what really matters.

Already to his credit, he has produced two albums entitled “Look Again” and “Diary of a Human Being”, that each feature 13 tracks. His albums are making rotations on radio stations in several countries and can be purchased online.

He’s presently working on his third album entitled “Natural Resource”. Some of his pre-released singles, such as “Time is Every Man”, “World Crisis”, “African”, and “Trust is Hard”, have been favorably received.

Beyond his passion for music, he is also an inspirational writer on the verge of publishing his book, vol. 1 of 3, entitled “In This World but Not of This World”. He said: “After nine years in the Canadian Army, where I used my spare time to write, I’m still capturing my thoughts on paper. I know we’re all capable of doing what we set our minds to achieve. I strongly believe you can reach your destination if you have a vision for yourself and set a path that will take you there.”

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